25 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING!

  1. I know you recommend “hostgator” as your web hosting service. However,
    could I do a free web hosting on “hostgator” or do I have to find another
    web hosting to start something for free, and later move to “hostgator”?

  2. Really useful video. Thanks Tyler.
    Bit concerned that your girlfriend is only 6 years old though. That’s just
    a bit wrong 😉

  3. hi Tyler, i want to change my theme to another responsive. have you got any
    others subjection for me?? thanks a lot.. my website i did with your help
    last year is: VENUSPSYCHIC COM

  4. Great Vid – how about Gator vs. GoDaddy ? Cost wise is my concern. GD seems
    to nickel and dime you –

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  6. Tyler, I love this video and have recommended it to my students. Question.
    Is there a way to download the icons without a zip program, or do you know
    where I can get one for free?

  7. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other normal people
    accomplish it so easily using Max Muscle Method (go google it).

  8. Awesome Video, Very helpful. I’ve be procrastinating building my site
    forever. Now tonight just watching and doing at the same time I now have a
    fully functioning website. Thanks Tyler

  9. Thank you for your reply to my earlier comment. I have another question for
    you. I am doing a portfolio website and am not able to get a first frame
    preview of my video embedded from Youtube in my website. It just shows a
    blank screen. How do I get it to show the first screen shot? Any help is

  10. Thanks Tyler for this good tutorial, I started my own website but just
    cannot get my theme changed in ‘confit’. It is in wp available but in my
    admin it doesn’t appear? I downloaded it here:
    http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/confit/ but receive only codes and that
    goes far behind my knowledge 🙂 could you advise me?

  11. Thanks for this amazing video. I just have a simple question hopefully I
    could get an answer. I am trying to build my first site I downloaded a
    theme and when I go to the editor I only see “Visual” and the “Text” tabs
    not the “HTML” tags. Do these options differentiate according to the

  12. Great job Tyler~ Thanks for all the time and effort. This will help me a
    great deal… Just one question: Will this wordpress site be good for SEO?
    How does one go about making it more search friendly? Also,is the theme
    editable in terms of colors? Thanks!

  13. I just wanted to say this video is absolutely amazing!
    I followed it completely and i’m loving my end result!
    Thank-you so much for this tutorial! I also used your code on Hostgator! 🙂

  14. Hi totally a newbie… If i change the domain name i registered in
    hostagator into something else that i already have before would that
    transfer the plan i bought in hostagator to that domain?

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