Effective Mobile Web Design

It is right said that by the year 2014, the number of mobile phones in the world will exceed the total number of global population. With such a huge population bound to the usage of mobile phones, more specifically smart phones, the future is going to happen through mobiles. This makes it necessary for the designer too to make mobile-friendly web designs to offer a user-friendly experience to the mobile users.

However, from the technical angle, there is no need for you to get on to any brand new concepts to create mobile-friendly website. The tools and approaches are more or less the same, but you have to apply a few new techniques to make flexible web sites to fit well to any screens. We will discuss further a few points related to mobile web designing, which would be beneficial for the designers.

city card manchester

  • Take a minimalist approach

The key to success in effective mobile website is in being simple – like the CityCard website. While you design mobile portal, you need to take into consideration the limitation a mobile browser as well as the small screen has. You need to assure that the site does not take a long time to get loaded as well as it is easily navigable. Forget about any big size images, Flash presentations, or complicated graphics. Also arrange your content in such a way to assure highly visibility on a mobile device.

  • Maintain a Clean Coding

The standard computer browsers are more or less flexible to read bad coding up to a level. However, you have to be more perfect while coding for a mobile portal. Also, make sure your code is compatible with the major mobile browsers by running customized testing on all devices. Make sure that your code is error-free and kept to the bare minimum level. There is no use in having the best exlusive deal on a Man Utd Stadium Tour if no-one can get to it!

Also while doing web design for mobile devices, try to give the users their options to choose between the standard mode of viewing and customized version for mobile. Avoid using pop up windows etc. on mobile portals, which may confuse the users.